Who We Are

The Anam Cara School of Natural Magic

Going through big changes at the moment with our move  to the Isle of Man. Please stay connected to this site for an up to date blog about our emerging connection with this magical island. Presently we are engaged in the practicalities but the blog should begin around the middle of October.

In the blog you will find a full application of the Anam Cara System of Natural Magic to include details of our connections, crafts, how to set up an apothecary using natural materials from your own environment, methods of Natural Magic and how to construct a Book of Art. There will be much more as the blog develops so, if you are interested in the practice of Natural Magic it will be well worth subscribing to these pages.

This site will be the subject of a full update over the next few months so please be aware it is now out of date so ignore all but this page and the present blog. Hope to see you again soon

Courses in Tarot, Natural Magic, Alchemy, Herbalism, Astrology.

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