davidThis is a site about Natural Magic, how to work it and how to make it work for you. Natural Magic is an age old process going back thousands of years. It is reasonable to assume it is probably the oldest known belief system but it is one which has inevitably gone through changes as circumstances and belief systems transform. Magic is a potential many people are drawn to because they seek to gain benefits from an understanding of how nature works and how they can use this knowledge to control the world around them. it is understandable as life can often be hard to bear. Our ancestors were subjected to circumstances we, in our comparably ‘soft’ world would find difficult to understand. However we have our own challenges. We don’t have the spectre of war, pestilence and plague nor do we have the threat of starvation if the crop fails but we do have the diseases of stress, addiction, debt, depression and feelings of hopelessness.

The 21st century world has its own challenges which, in turn, would not be understood by our ancestors, therefore we need a 21st Century Magic to aid us in overcoming 21st Century problems. It is exactly this reason why it is important to develop the fundamental principles of Magic to allow us to gain control over the circumstances in which we live.

I have been working with Magic for many years attempting to understand the dynamics by which it works. Much of this work has been theoretical in that it requires the study of past systems in order to gain an understanding of how they work. I have been well placed for such study given my academic background in both Philosophy and Sociology but I found myself studying dead systems. Through this learning however I gained an understanding of the principles of Magic which have informed the development of my own system, though I failed to reach the goal I was seeking which was to achieve some modicum of control within my own circumstances.

It was however a labour of love as since my childhood I have had a deep need to connect with the energies of Magic. I always knew it could work but I could never quite grasp that out of reach promise. It took terrible tragedy for me to realise my way towards my future. I went down as low as it was possible to go but it was there I found my way and since then life has been much kinder. Something kicked in  and brought me back. I don’t know what it was but it has been with me ever since. I feel I have connected after all those years of seeking. It was however those years of seeking which enabled me to understand what I needed to do to bring myself back.

All of that happened 7 years ago and since then I have been working out how it all worked. I love systems, that is my academic training and I needed to systematise what it was that happened. A few years ago I published a book I had written about that system. It is the story of a very personal journey towards self realisation. The title of the book is Natural Magic: A Guide for the 21st Century Practitioner and it is available only from this site as I am very protective of it.  After the completion of the book I continued to work on the system and I have gained further insights I want to share.

If you would like to share my understanding of Natural Magic please follow the blog on this site. It is free with no catches. You will need to buy the book to fully understand my posts but that is fair enough. Be sure to add comments to my posts as I need feedback in order to get it right. At the end of the day it is you I am working for so please help me out along the way.

With Bright Blessings