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The Anam Cara School of Natural Magic


book-cover-225x300The Anam Cara School was founded and is administered by David Sutch, author of Natural Magic: A Guide for the 21st Century Practitioner. The purpose of the School is to provide quality tuition in Natural Magic, Tarot, Magical Herbalism and Potion Making, Natal Chart Astrology, Personal Alchemy and more. Courses are taught exclusively on our narrowboat which travels the canals of the English Midlands.


Working with the Anam Cara School

If you are seeking or working on a Magical path the Anam Cara School has much to offer you in the form of:

  • A Complete System of Natural Magic: The Anam Cara System is a unique system of Natural Magic within itself. If all 8 workshops are successfully completed you will have all you need to progress in this fascinating art and practice. The Anam Cara Way can be worked in the context of any religion or belief system.
  • A High Quality Learning Environment: Where better to learn the arts of Natural Magic than out in nature itself? Our narrowboat moves every 2 weeks and is always moored in rural areas. The boat is set up for effective teaching and learning with everything to hand. We even have a well stocked apothecary to support the practice of Magical Herbalism.
  • Flexible Learning: you can progress at your own pace as all of our courses are available on demand. You will be in groups of no more than 3 as we are limited in terms of space. This allows high levels of personal tuition. You can select the order in which to learn to determine your own path. It may be that you are interested in parts of our system rather than the whole. This is not a problem as courses can be adapted to suit your requirements.
  • Personal Tuition: Personal tuition is an essential part of effective Magical learning. You can book a day with David to assess your progress and work on the aspects you need to progress at the pace you want.
  • Practical Crafting: As with all Magical paths various tools and equipment are necessary. At the Anam Cara School we use recycled and foraged materials to make all of the equipment needed. On the boat we carry stocks of materials and all of the tools required. We also offer the expertise and the support you need to make your own artifacts.
  • Learning at Low Cost: We offer a fixed fee system of just £50 per person per day. This includes the personal tuition option in which you can work alone with David as your personal tutor at no extra cost. It also includes personal Tarot readings and Astrological natal chart analysis as an option within the teaching day. The day begins at 10am and finishes between 3- 4pm.
  • 3 Levels of Initiation: If you seek initiation as a part of your Magical path we offer 3 levels. When the course of 8 workshops has been successfully completed you will be initiated as a full member of the Anam Cara School. This will usually occur within a year and a day but may take longer according to personal choice or circumstances. The second initiation may take place after a further period of a year and a day if clear evidence can be provided about your effective use of the system. This can be presented in either written or verbal form. The second initiation will elevate your status to practitioner. The third initiation can only occur when significant personal progression of the system has been achieved.



The Anam Cara System includes everything you need to learn and practice the Arts of Natural Magic. This is a method designed as complete in itself but which allows progression on a personal basis to develop according to the path you seek to follow. it works on a fixed fee basis of just £50 per person per day whether that involves personal tuition or work as a part of a group.

IMAG0273We also organise regular monthly visits to sacred sites and places of interest as a free service which can be used to meet with like minded people. These days can be used to catch up with David in order to discuss your progress as well as the opportunity to develop your understanding of ritual and meditation practice.


About David

davidDavid Sutch is a graduate of Warwick University with an honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology. He spent 20 years of his professional life teaching A levels in the same subjects. After taking early retirement in 2007 David is now an author and writer of articles for various magazines, public speaker and the founder of the Anam Cara School. David is also joint District Manager along with Estelle Seymour for the Pagan Federation, West Midlands area.

He lives with his wife Louise aboard their narrowboat where they practice the art of Elegant Simplicity which is a lifestyle choice based on sustainable practices and the Anam Cara system of Natural Magic.

john_william_waterhouse_-_magic_circleThe study and practice of various magical systems such as Ritual Magic, Wicca and Druidism have been a major part of his life and David also practices Meditation, Tarot, Natal Chart Astrology, Ogham and Alchemy. He is also an accomplished woodworker and craft-worker in various materials.

David is a public speaker specialising in Alternative Lifestyles and Natural Magic, available for groups of 10 or more. Fees are flexible according to the nature of the venue. Please make contact through this site to discuss terms and conditions.

Courses in Tarot, Natural Magic, Alchemy, Herbalism, Astrology.

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